Get Ignited: Phil Woodmore

  Welcome to Get Ignited! This column will feature and celebrate people who are up to exciting things. You’ll learn more about their stories and how they bring their spark to the world. I will explore their strengths and who they are at their best. Maybe you’ll catch a bit of [...]

Get Ignited: Phil Woodmore 2023-04-29T15:26:33+00:00

Get Ignited: Monica Black Robinson

I love the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign. The ads always end with the tagline, “Stay thirsty, my friend.” That’s something Monica Black Robinson understands. Her thirst for life is why she is one of the most interesting women in my world. On any given day, [...]

Get Ignited: Monica Black Robinson 2023-04-25T22:15:12+00:00