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21-Day Challenge

21 days to more inspiration, passion, productivity and joy. Join our carefully-curated group of dynamic women to discover who you are at your best and how to make the most of it. Whether you are at the top of your game, just starting out or dealing with burn-out, the 21-day challenge will take you to the next level. Click here to receive more information. 

Your Self + Your Happiness

Your Impact + Your Story

Your Brand + Your Signature Presence

Your Heroic Journey + Your Future

Power Boost

Want to expand your impact without leaving your desk? Want to experience more success with less hassle? Join the Power Boost membership program to gain access to cutting-edge content, fresh tips, and easy-to-use tools that will take you and your performance to the next level. Click here to set up a time to talk.

Sample Content

  •      What am I trying to make happen?
  •      How can I leverage my talents to achieve my goals?
  •      How will I show up at my best in critical moments?
  •      What obstacles will I overcome to get there?
  •      How will I influence without authority?
  •      How can I have challenging conversations?
  •      What else do I want and how do I get there?

“Show Up As a Ten” Series

Roundtable dim sum discussions designed to cultivate your future vision and to develop performance techniques to take you to the top of your game. Stand-alone sessions are conducted from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on the following dates: 4/25, 4/30, 5/6 and 5/14. Click here to reserve your spot at the table.

Focus is Customized to You…  Ideas Include:

  •      Enhancing your Inspiration Quotient
  •      Expanding Your Impact
  •      Preparing for C-Suite 
  •      Helping Others Succeed
  •      Influencing Without Authority
  •      Discovering Your What’s Next
  •      Crafting a Powerful Keynote

90-Day Accelerator

During this process, clients tap into their passion and power in a way that enables them to remove obstacles and move mountains. Clients quickly migrate beyond their comfort zone to accelerate success and advance their agenda(s). Together, we drive innovation, build confidence and bring equilibrium to both work and life. Clients report more energy, passion, inspiration, creativity and success. Click here to set up a time to talk.

Sample Deep Dive Questions

  •      Do you live in polite silence?
  •      Are you professionally dangerous?
  •      Do you leave your comfort zone?
  •      When are you compelling?
  •      When are you a repellant?
  •      What can’t you hear?
  •      Can you fend for yourself?
  •      Who are you jealous of and why?


Beth’s talks are inspiring, motivating and engaging. She is relatable as she brings candor, humor and vast experience to her audiences. Each talk is customized for your organization to create a positively palpable impact. Click here for more information.

Unlock Potential: The art and science of giving and receiving feedback that changes lives and transforms impact.

Ignite Performance: Discover who you, your team, and your entire organization are at their best. Watch motivation grow during this interactive and positively contagious experience. 


We have a process for distilling and packaging your success factors, subject-matter-expertise and/or signature presence so that you can share it, sell it and make an even greater impact.

There are times when you need to transfer knowledge and shift mindsets of thousands — even millions — of people. The answer is train-the-trainer.

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