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The Honest Truth: Critical Information

In our third edition of "The Honest Truth" in Town & Style magazine, we explore critical feedback. Emmy-award winning journalist Jill Farmer and I take on questions about harsh self-criticism and workplace critiques. We even mention one of my favorite tools created by Dr. Kathryn Cramer: scan, snap, savor. Thanks for reading and for [...]

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Dazzle Audiences with Substance, Sizzle & Soul

Wanna up your sizzle factor? Speaking with substance, sizzle & soul is the key to making a successful presentation—according to Dr. Kathy Cramer. Most people focus on substance and forget all about sizzle & soul. Substance or content is a necessary but not sufficient element when it comes to your impact. In other [...]

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An Avocado Moment

You might feel a little twinge when you see your two friends at work heading off to happy hour without you. You could feel a sting when someone criticizes your efforts and fails to acknowledge that you worked all weekend. But should you say anything?

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