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Beth Chesterton

Beth is a consultant with extensive experience working within and consulting for some of the greatest companies in the world. She’s worked with the best and the brightest — leaders, entrepreneurs and entire organizations — to make them even better.

She has twenty-five years of experience assisting literally thousands of individuals to reach their potential, and numerous Fortune 500 companies to develop profitable relationships. She has a strong reputation for helping clients see what’s possible, developing a plan to get there and then making it happen.

She founded The Ignite Method in 2020 when she realized that transformation doesn’t have to take weeks, months and years — with the right spark, transformation can happen right here, right now. The Ignite Method is delivered through programs and coaching. Participants report feeling “ready to conquer the world” and report an increase in impact, productivity, passion and confidence.


Earlier in her career, Beth traveled the world with Citibank, working with high potential individuals to accelerate their ability to reach senior levels within the organization. In addition to design and delivery, she prepared senior managers and expert facilitators to co-lead programs in Asia, Europe and the United States. Today, she taps into this experience to serve as a strategic advisor, board member and project lead for ABC To CEO — a not-for-profit in place to prepare one million young women for the possibility of CEO.


Beth also consulted exclusively with MasterCard International for years. She focused on what Jeff Struve, the then Senior Vice President of HR, described as “shifting the culture from a training mentality to one focused on individual and team development and effectiveness.”

“Beth’s courage, flexibility, drive and energy ensured a successful launch of a new way of learning at MasterCard.” — Jeff Struve, former Senior Vice President of Human Resources, MasterCard International

She then went on to work with Dr. Cramer, a pioneer in the field of positive psychology, to develop and refine “Asset-Based Thinking” (ABT) principles, tools and practices and to bring ABT to life in a multitude of exceptional organizations. Experience revealed that ABT was the “special sauce” you could add to anything — including sales, leadership, culture and performance — to make it even better. Beth became a master certified coach to prepare coaches to integrate ABT principles and tools into their practices.


Beth’s client list, over the years, has included a wide range of successful and fascinating people — Emmy winners; Shark Tank winners; globally-recognized social entrepreneurs; C-Suite executives; and, former White House staffers from both sides of the aisle.

As the lead facilitator at a variety of women’s conferences and events such as the Women on the RISE events, co-facilitator of the TED’s “Bold and Brilliant” VIP lunch event, speaker at The Business Journal Women’s Conference and The Professional Women’s Alliance, she’s focused on creating powerful ways for women to connect and to learn from one another to overcome challenges and leverage opportunities.

To bring people together during the pandemic, Beth launched the Get Ignited! podcast where she featured conversations with truly ignited people all over the world. She also hosted over 100 Ignite sessions with people to help them remain resilient as they worked to lead organizations that provided essential products and services.

Over the years, Beth has cultivated a community by hosting salon-style conversations where women come together to share stories, explore issues and to build meaningful relationships that make a positive impact on the local and global communities they serve.

For fun, Beth had an advice column with friend and colleague Jill Farmer. The Honest Truth as well as her own column celebrating members of her community named Get Ignited Now; both columns were published monthly in Town & Style Magazine.

She is based in St. Louis where she is married and mom to two adult daughters. She has too many certifications to count and became fluent in MBTI in her twenties. Beth earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University.