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90-Day Accelerator Program

During this process, clients tap into their passion and power in a way that enables them to remove obstacles and move mountains. Clients quickly migrate beyond their comfort zone to accelerate success and advance their agenda(s). Together, we drive innovation, build confidence and bring equilibrium to both work and life. Clients report more energy, passion, inspiration, creativity and success.

Sample Deep Dive Questions

  •      Do you live in polite silence?
  •      Are you able to fend for yourself?
  •      How are you professionally dangerous?
  •      Do you stay in your comfort zone?
  •      Are you willing to be a change agent?
  •      How are you influential?
  •      Are you the person people want on their team?
  •      Who are you jealous of and why?


Beth Chesterton can motivate a crowd of tens or thousands. She’s dynamic, funny and she can speak from experience.

Beth delivers powerful and fun presentations designed to inspire and help your people take their performance — and attitude — to the next level.

Custom Program design + facilitation + coaching

Sometimes you need a thinking partner who works with highly functioning teams and thriving organizations that aspire to even greater levels of performance. Sometimes you want to enhance your culture, build skills and shift mindsets.

We can help you design customized approaches, processes, training and provide coaching resources that help you take your organization to the next level as we’ve done this in some of the most dynamic organizations in the world.


We have a process for distilling and packaging your success factors, subject-matter-expertise and/or signature presence so that you can share it, sell it and make an even greater impact.

There are times when you need to transfer knowledge and shift mindsets of thousands — even millions — of people. The answer is train-the-trainer.

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