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Beth Chesterton

“What sets Beth apart… she creates success stories.” — Julie Knisley

Beth is a consultant with extensive experience working at the highest levels within some of the greatest companies in the world. She works with the best and the brightest — leaders, entrepreneurs and entire organizations — to make them even better.

She has twenty-five years of experience assisting thousands of individuals to reach their potential and numerous Fortune 500 companies to develop profitable relationships. She has a strong reputation for helping clients see what’s possible, developing a plan to get there and then making it happen.


Beth traveled the world with Citibank working with high potentials to accelerate their ability to reach senior levels within the organization. In addition to design and delivery, she prepared dynamic teams of senior managers and expert facilitators to co-lead programs in Asia, Europe and the United States.


Striking out on her own, she consulted exclusively with MasterCard International for years. She focused on what Jeff Struve, the then Senior Vice President of HR, described as “shifting the culture from a training mentality to one focused on individual and team development and effectiveness.”

“Beth’s courage, flexibility, drive and energy ensured a successful launch of a new way of learning at MasterCard.” — Jeff Struve, former Senior Vice President of Human Resources, MasterCard International

After working with leadership to establish a strategy and align management, she brought the vision to life by assembling a team of talented facilitators and coaches — including Dr. Kathryn Cramer, the originator of the concept known as Asset-Based Thinking (ABT).


Beth continued to work with Dr. Cramer and her team for nearly two decades to refine ABT principles and tools. She consulted with and was embedded in a wide variety of exceptional companies and schools to help their leadership teams transform culture, shift mind-sets and enhance performance. Hitting one home run after another, they were invited back year after year to continue their work and to create measurable change in client organizations.

Later, Beth became the designated ABT Master Trainer certifying executive coaches, from all over the world, to utilize ABT tools, principles and practices with their clients. This led to a new relationship with Dr. Kathryn Cramer as they launched an ABT global movement — a positive conspiracy comprised of like-minded practitioners dedicated to helping people change the way they see everything.


Beth sees the similarities between shifting corporate cultures and launching brands and movements. Both require you to package a message and get it into the hands, hearts and minds of thousands and in some cases tens of thousands of people.

She worked on such a project when she designed the influencer program for the #womennotobjects campaign. Thanks to the women of Pi Beta Phi, the influencer program launched successfully on the Vanderbilt campus in 2016.

Today, Beth works with dynamic women to help them expand their influence. For example, Beth consults with Julie Knisley, Milk Street founder and veteran designer (who designed for Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn Kids, and FAO Schwartz for starters), as well as the brilliant team at PowerPost digital, to tell the Milk Street story in a way that speaks to millennials.

Beth’s individual clients, often colorful and always successful, include 10 time Emmy Award winners; Shark Tank winners; globally recognized social entrepreneurs; C-Suite executives; former White House staffers; and, on a rare occasion, a Princess with a PhD in molecular biology — to name a few.

Beth has numerous program certifications. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University.